What to Consider Before Buying an Antivirus Program?

An antivirus is security software that can detect and remove all the viruses from your PC. But today, viruses are not the only concern, there are various types of malicious programs like spyware, bots, Trojan Horses, ransomware, etc. Today you need a program that not only removes viruses but all the malware from your device. If you need good protection for your device then you should check various things before purchasing antivirus or anti-malware.

Your Budget

Before buying anything, you must consider your budget. Antivirus software programs are available in a huge range. You need to set your budget and then check for the antivirus. Check all the available plans on your budget. If you don’t want to spend money on purchasing antivirus then you can also go for the freeware. But you will only get the basic security features on free plans. If you use the internet on your device then you must purchase a good plan which offers you protection from internet threats.


Antivirus programs have few resource requirements to install and work. You can install those programs on your device that are compatible with it. Check the specifications of your device like RAM, processor, hard disk, etc, and then check for the antivirus plan.

Malware detection and removal rate

Antivirus provides various features to the users. But the basic job of your antivirus is to remove all the viruses and other malware from your PC. Always check the malware detection and removal rate of your antivirus. Purchase antivirus which has a good score on AV-Test. Compare the test of all the antivirus programs and then get a plan with a good AV-Test score.

Download Protection

You should always check for the download protection feature on your antivirus. Download protection tool checks the downloaded file for viruses. If the file is malicious then your antivirus will alert you and do not allow the file to load on your device. This tool helps to keep the device secure from malicious downloads.

System Impact

Every program or application you install creates an impact on your PC. If you want to keep your device optimized then you should always install a low system impact program. Check all the antivirus programs and get a plan which is light for your device.


Antivirus should have good scanning speed. Get an antivirus with more scanning options. Always purchase a plan which provides real-time scanning features. In real-time scan, antivirus checks every file you access for malware. If any malicious file appears then it will remove it before loading on the device. The quick scan feature allows you to scan the PC immediately. The custom scan feature allows the user to scan a particular folder or drive. You should always run a full system scan once a week to keep your device fully protected.

Update and Upgrade

Regular updates fix the patches on your antivirus. Get antivirus which provides regular updates. Upgrading the plan allows you to get new features on your plan. For upgrading, you have to cancel Norton antivirus current subscription and then get an upgraded plan.


If you use the internet then you will surely need a firewall for protection. Today most of the devices provide inbuilt firewall tools for protection. But the hackers are getting way smarter. They can easily break the security wall of your device. You need an extra layer of protection for your device. Personal firewall checks all the incoming and outgoing traffic on the network. If the firewall suspects any malicious activity on your network then it will block the network and keep the device secure.


The interface of your antivirus should be simple. Antivirus is not software that is used by only techies. You should check the interface of the antivirus. The settings of the antivirus should be simple so you can easily make changes according to your requirements.

Parental Control

If you have kids then get an antivirus plan which provides a parental control tool. This tool helps to keep your kids secure on the internet. You can easily block all the inappropriate sites on your kids’ devices. Parental control allows you to set the timing for accessing the internet which ensures that your kid is not spending most of his time on the internet. You can also check all the browsing activities. Some antivirus programs also provide geolocation features so you can ensure that your kids are inside the safe radii.

Along with the necessary features, check other features on your antivirus plan. If you travel a lot then get an antivirus program that provides VPN. VPN helps to keep you protected on an unsecured network. Today most people use mobile banking for easy access. Consider buying antivirus which provides secure online banking features.


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