These 6 secret techniques will make your cannabis packaging look incredible

The packaging of a product can attract hundreds of customers at a sight. Everyone is subconsciously intrigued by an aesthetically appealing package. Cannabis is no longer different in this regard. A well-designed cannabis packaging highlights your brand by delivering useful information about it. It communicates the quality, brand identity, and the purpose of using the product. Cannabis packaging is a field that has not been discussed nearly enough. But soon after the legalization of the product and more awareness about the uses of medical cannabis, the consumers are becoming more interested in the product. A large number of entrepreneurs have stepped into the business making the market highly competitive. To make your brand stand out from the others, a custom branded packaging solution is needed that can give an incredible look to your products. Here we are going to highlight six secret techniques to enhance the attractiveness of your cannabis packaging:

Luxurious Design:

A luxurious packaging design will set your cannabis brand apart from the competition. It communicates a sense of quality and style to attract customers at a glance. For this, you have to consult some professionals who may work exceptionally on different design elements. Although it may require an investment, it is worth the cost. Your cannabis packaging forms the core identity as a brand. To create luxurious packaging you may work on different ideas. For example, you may tell your story through a visual representation. Or use an outstanding logo that outshines your brand identity. However, to create a luxurious packaging design you should also keep in mind the state laws. Cannabis packaging laws recommend that the manufacturers should stay away from such colors and images that may allure the kids. Therefore if you are doubtful that your packaging violates such rules, go back again to the drawing board. A luxurious cannabis packaging design will make your product unique on shelves. Have a look at what is getting trendy in the market these days. A little investment will turn your packaging into a big luxury experience.

Keep it Simple:

The key to designing incredible cannabis packaging is to never complicate things. In most cases, simple designs outperform the competition whereas complex designs make it difficult for the customers to comprehend even the basic details. Try to keep a balance between different elements of packaging design. In an effort of creating something exceptional never overdo with your packaging as it will make your product less likely to sell. For example, your cannabis box should be designed by using eye-catchy colors, fonts, related images, and a branded logo but everything should be clear enough to give a professional display. In this way, your packaging can be used more effectively for marketing purposes.

Make the most of Typography:

The typography you choose for the cannabis packaging should be easy to read and comprehensive enough to understand. This is because it’s the typography that helps in delivering all the valuable information about your products to the target customers. If done properly, it explains to the customer everything about your brand and also give your packaging an appealing display. For this, you have to determine the proper font style, size, the color in which your text will be printed, and its background as well. Choose such a font color that complements your entire packaging design. Never add unnecessary text to complicate the design. Using concise and legible text to design your cannabis boxes can increase the number of customers who are interested in your products.

Focus on Sustainability:

The consumers of today are more conscious about the environment than ever. Therefore, while creating packaging for your cannabis brand you have to take into account the impact of packaging material. Opt for recyclable and biodegradable material whenever possible. The sustainable nature of cardstock has made it the most preferred choice industry-wide. The cannabis boxes designed in this way put a positive impression on customers that your brand cares about the environment. When you are capable of creating a perfect mix of attractive and environmentally friendly packaging, you can generate more sales for your business.  

Consider Color Psychology:

The color of your cannabis packaging plays a significant role in giving an incredible look to your products. It helps in marketing your brand more effectively among a large group of competitors. Traditional cannabis packaging includes greens and browns, while you may also go for red, yellow, and a variety of other colors depending upon your packaging requirements and target market. White is the most unused color to design cannabis boxes but it produces amazing results. Some of the manufacturers have started using it to design the packaging of medical cannabis. The color gives a feeling of relief and subconsciously tells the consumers that the product is designed to address their concerns.

Consider Various Add-On Options:

While designing your cannabis packaging, it is also essential to consider how it will look internally. Working on the internal design of your cannabis boxes is the best way to make them more adorable. The designers have an array of ideas to consider in this regard. For example, color the cannabis box internally; introduce your logo or a random print. All of these options are much better than keeping your box plain from inside. Similarly, the shape of your packaging plays an imperative role in providing a wonderful customer experience. In addition to using traditionally shaped boxes, be playful with different options like sleeves, boxes with lids; flip-top boxes with magnetic catch, and a lot more. Use various add-on options like windows, die-cuts, or inserts, etc to make them more appealing for the consumer. Some packaging manufacturers also offer special finishing effects like embossing, debossing, spot UV, aqueous coating, and gloss/matte lamination to add more value to their packaging.


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