The A-Z of Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Guide to Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Packaging of the boxes is the most important feature if you want to increase your sales.  Many businesses are looking for custom packaging boxes but they have very little information about it and hence fail to embrace its true features. Custom cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale supplies are cosmetic packs that are manufactured and designed in a way to hold various cosmetic products.

More details about packaging

Get Instant Printing is a packaging company based in the US, it manufactures and designs various custom made cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale supplies with the logo that can be customized according to the brand’s needs. They provide worldwide delivery of their products along with amazing customer service.  Get Instant Printing offers professional designers that brands can work with. They provide high-quality printing for cosmetic boxes.

Packaging Mines is a well-recognized company that provides packaging services all over the world. They excel at wholesale cosmetic packaging boxes starting from a minimum of hundred boxes. They provide top quality printing and manufacturing by their professional designers. They also have a chat forum on their website through which brands can discuss their ideas with the designers.

Cosmetic packs can be made of cardboard paper board acrylic and fabric packs, however many businesses prefer cardboard custom cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale supplies with the logo for their Cosmetic packs.  Cardboard cartons are strong and environmentally friendly. They are made of two layers of Kraft paper pressed together with the layer of test liner paper between them. These layers are folded in multiple layers to increase their resistance. The containers are made up of recyclable material which gives them an environment-friendly feature that customers prefer.

There are many types of packs used for the cosmetic industry

Reverse tuck style packs

These cartons are the most common ones in the cosmetic industry they are made of cardboard and can be designed in a square or rectangular shape. The rectangular boxes can be designed to be placed vertically or horizontally according to the product they are holding is. They are easy to assemble and use, the top of these cartons tuck from behind to front whereas the bottom is closed from front to behind. These cartons are strong and can hold products like face creams, foundations, lipsticks, eye products, setting sprays, perfumes, and many more.

Hanging tab boxes

These boxes are similar to reverse tuck boxes, however, the only difference between the two packs is that hanging tab boxes has a top handle and are placed vertically. The width of these boxes can be altered according to the product consumed however they are mostly less wide and are used to place thin products such as face mask sheets and under-eye patches.

Pillow style packs

These facts are designed in a pillow shape, they are glued from top and bottom and are placed horizontally. They are used to consume brushes, sponges and glitter stickers, etc.

Sleeve slider carton

These cartons are made up of two parts of cardboard where one slides out of another like a drawer. These are much stronger than other types of bags as they have a double layer of cardboard that can be used to place various products like eye pencils, lip pencils, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail polishes, and other delicate products.

Display trays

These are cardboard trays that are used in supermarkets to display cosmetic products. The back of these trays are lengthier than their front and the sides of these trays are slanting. All of these packs can be customized in various shapes, colours, and designs that will enhance the appearance of your product in the market. These packs can be designed to have Windows on top. That can be designed in square, rectangular or oval shape according to the brand’s preference.  These packs can be customized to have appealing graphics and complementary colours that will further enhance the appearance of these cartons.

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