Steps To Remove Hard Drive From Laptop

These days, technology is growing exponentially over time as new inventions occur every day. The laptop is also a part of technology advancement. While working sometimes, people face many problems with their laptops. One of the main problems most people face is that they want to separate hard drives from their laptops and crave to know the process of removing hard drives from the laptop. There will be many reasons for removing a hard drive from the laptop, like sometimes due to a corrupt hard drive or outdated, and have insufficient space to store other data. Before doing this task, the user must be well familiar with the process of removing a hard drive from a laptop because sometimes people find it difficult to remove the laptop’s hard drives due to incomplete knowledge of appropriate methods or techniques. Here in this article, we have provided the best methods to remove a laptop’s hard drive. You need to follow these methods stepwise for Easy hard drive remove. This guide serves for both displacing a faulty hard drive and for exchanging out an outdated with less space and speed.

Back-Up Data

First of all, make sure you will backup all your required files before removing the hard drive from the laptop.

  • Music files and playlists
  • Programs
  • Games and downloadable content (DLC)
  • Documents
  • Photo and video files

You can take all the backup on cloud storage via backup providers. On the other hand, all the data can be saved on an external hard drive or in data storage. Take a checklist of all documents after data backup, when you take a backup of your data, and ensure that all the data copied correctly is backed up. If any data is not saved in external storage, you need to back up the data again. Make sure that you should have more external data storage in contrast to the internal storage of a laptop.

Safety Considerations

Warning- Don’t try to work on your laptop while it is connected to any source of power because you will get shocked. First of all, make sure that the power cord is unplugged and the battery is removed, and it would be best if you take out your battery by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds. It assures you that there is not much power remaining in the laptop.

Moreover, For the safety of your hard drive, you should know the fact that magnets can delete all the data saved electronically. So, We recommend you to keep the magnets apart from your work area.

Detach all cables

Make sure you remove every cable from your laptop. the cable you need to remove is the power cable, network cables, phone lines, any USB devices, and any other attached devices

Remove the battery

Your next step is to remove the battery carefully. The battery has one or two latches. To remove it, you need to press the latches and extract the battery out of the bay.

Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds

Doing this process will help you to drain the leftover electricity in the laptop. This will save you from being shocked when you are working on the laptop.

Unscrew and eliminate the main access panel

Depending on the device’s brand and model, the access panel is placed on the bottom or any of its sides of the laptop. There may be a symbol on the access panel which resembles a stack of CDs.

In some laptops, the hard drive is placed under the motherboard or the keyboard. If this is the case, it would be much more complicated to extract the laptop’s hard drive. Here you need to check your user’s manual or bring your laptop to a professional.

Remove the hard drive mount

The hard drive can be located in place by an external mounting device, Which depends on the laptop model. If there is any extra screw available, you need to remove it, but on some laptop models, there may be a button that you need to push or a latch to remove the hard drive.

Separate the hard drive from the connectors

To separate or detach the hard drive from the bay, you need to drag the hard drive away from the connectors. You can pull a tab on the hard drive to uninstall the hard drive more quickly, but in some situations, you might require a flat-bladed tool to extract the hard drive.

Remove the hard drive bracket from the drive

After disconnecting the hard drive, if its bracket is still attached to the hard drive, you will need to remove it. The brackets are usually carried in four screws on the surfaces of the hard drive. Detach the screws to remove the hard drive from the bracket. If you want to replace your hard drive, then place the new hard drive inside the bracket to install it.


Some people use shortcuts for removing the hard drive because they are not aware of a proper way to remove hard drives from laptops; you need to be very careful while removing the hard drive because a little mistake can remove all your important data. Here we have discussed the best ways to remove the hard drive safely; follow this way to remove it step by step. If you still get stuck, you can take help online from our website by searching and removing the hard drive from the laptop.


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