Marigold Flower Name In Tamil

Tamil is a state in south-western India, which has many adjectives related to its culture and beautiful nature including the tamil flower name. The flower is called as ‘marigold’ because of the marigold flower which is used in Tamil weddings. Also known as ‘rosam’, marigold flower has been popular in Indian culture since centuries. With this, it has become a part of the wedding ceremony in India. Even the Tamil film “Marigold” got its name from this flower in the Tamil movie.

This flower is widely used in tamil festivals. As a part of tamil culture, when there is a marriage or a wedding in an occasion like Onam or Onu, then the bride and groom pick out the marigold flower in their hands as a symbol of the blessing. In fact, marigold flower is a part of attire for the brides and grooms during Onam and Onu. After all the hard work and preparation for the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom showered each other with a hug while giving thanks to God for granting their happiness and the best day ever.

A unique feature of marigold flower is that the marigold flower name is embedded inside the flower. The flower has a deep significance in Tamil culture and tradition. The flower in its authentic form is available only at tamil monsoons and during festivals. It signifies prosperity and happiness after getting married or getting settled, whatever the situation.

The marigold flower is used as a sign or emblem of prosperity. It has a charm and positive effects. Even the Central American nation along with Philippines have got an ancient history filled with mention of the marigold flower. The marigold flower is widely grown all over India and Sri Lanka too. These flowers are very rare in wild florature world and is found in the form of the herb called “Acoru,” that is also known as Indian Rugosa.

This herb is also found in some of the other exotic flowers, fruits and vegetables too. It is high in magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese and phosphorous and is beneficial for the human body. The marigold flower name in Tamil and other parts of India also says about the power of good fortune. It is an excellent remedy for deafness and helps a person who is deaf to hear. Even in some cultures it is used to treat eye problems and diabetes.

The marigold flower in Tamil culture is associated with several legends and myths. It was believed by the ancient people of India that marigold flowers can bring fast recovery in case of any illness or disease and also cure one from soul of death. It is also believed that after cutting the marigold flower in half, the soul of the person related with that person also gets restored to its original state. In some other occasions it is believed that if the marigold flower is smoked it brings fast recovery from some diseases also.


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