Key Content Quality Factors in Search Rankings by Gaurav Heera

Ever since digital marketing became a field of considerable field of work, professionals have tried to understand how they can get their content to rank high on SERPs.

The way Google views content has been a topic of hot debate in the digital marketing community. While there have been some complaints regarding how Google manages search ranking, users of the search engine have always praised it for delivering relevant results. Since Google has an effective monopoly on search traffic, digital marketers have to try and figure out how they can promote their company through high search rankings says Gaurav Heera. 

How does Google view content?

This question has a long answer layered with different factors. Content is evaluated using a variety of attributes which play a key role in deciding how webpages are ranked on search engines. 

In this article, we go through some of the key aspects which go into ranking blog content on SERPs.

Keyword Presence

Keyword density is often viewed by many as one of the most important metrics taken into account by a search engine. Google is not a human and is handicapped at understanding the context of a given piece of content. Keywords serve as a lighting beacon for search engines. 

By noting the presence of a keyword in a given piece of content, search engines are able to pinpoint the context of an article. What’s more, search engine crawlers also check for the presence of related keywords to confirm the context of the content says Gaurav Heera.. 

Digital marketers working on creating quality content have to make sure they do adequate keyword research in order to help search engine crawlers categorize and rank their content.

Content Freshness

There are often search queries which suddenly become popular due to a rise in demand. In such a case, Google looks for recently published content on the same topic says Gaurav Heera.. 

This is why bloggers and content creators are always encouraged to publish more and more content. By doing so, they always have a shot at being picked by Google to lead SERPs for a trending keyword. 

Content freshness is also important in case you are trying to get you new website noticed on search engines. Search engine crawlers are most likely to visit websites which are regularly updated for content. Thus, maintaining content the freshness of content on a blog is crucial to getting a website ranked higher says Gaurav Heera.. 

Content Variety

High SERP positions are not just dependent on having a strong webpage meeting all SEO-optimality attributes. By creating videos and images which also rank high on a SERP, a website can get people with varying content preferences to view its content. Thus, content quality is not just dependent on maintaining the quality of content on a webpage. Digital marketers also have to ensure the variety of content is on point says Gaurav Heera.. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some key aspects of maintaining the quality of content.

About Gaurav Heera

Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing strategist with ten years of experience in the field. Currently, he works as a digital marketing strategist at DelhiCoures, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.


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