How to Invest Even with no Money In Hand

Money is the need of everyone. No one can survive and live a life without money. Every requirement is fulfilled by money from food to even luxuries and maintaining a particular lifestyle. Earning money also needs investment.

Investing is a crucial ingredient of every business plan. For many people, the word ‘investing’ is stress because of limited sources of income and low earning. Life is just like a race in terms of success and also being productive. Everyone will face rise once in a lifetime, but it is only by hard work and consistency.

In this article, I will tell you the tricks on how to invest when having no money in hand in 2020.

First things first, it is alright to start from zero investment. You can surely make capital from zero. Let’s have a glance at how it works.

Ways to invest when having no money

These are some tips that will help you invest, even with no money at all. Check them keenly.


Saving and investing both are co-related. Take the example of the cookie jar approach. If you are getting pocket money and now considering being independent on your own money, the best thing is to manage.

Save a part of your pocket money for your business. Start from small. Just start saving $10 each month in a separate jar or a bank account.

If you are going shopping, think thrice before shopping for an outfit. Think, do you need it? Can’t you spend another year without that shirt? Can you use earlier clothes? If yes, then skip that item and save that money in your investing account.

Similarly, also save money by cutting off certain luxuries or unnecessary things that you can comfortably live without. In this way, with small savings, you will save enough money to make a start for small business investment.

2: Invest in Bonds

Another good idea is to invest your small money in Worthy Bonds. These bonds don’t need massive investments. You can earn a return of 5% annually on the most modest investment of even $10.

This trick not only saves your extra money but also gives profit after a year in the form of a handsome volume making no effort.

Likewise, with the saved budget, you can invest more and more by buying more prize bonds and also your profit increase with more relationships.

Then, after a year, set aside your prize bond amount and again invest it in new bonds. In this way, with much money in hand, you can invest and get a return.

3: Invest in Stocks

In easy words, a stock is a piece of ownership in a company, or you can say a share in a company.

You can invest as little as you have money in hand by buying and then reselling it. When investing in stocks, examine the entire market, follow the tips and tricks too?

Stocks have the benefit that you can make possible money out of it, but it involves a lot of risks. But, if you are lucky enough, you can resell the company share by good profit and can get money with a small investment.

4: Invest in Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is also a smarter approach. Mutual funds investment is a single and monthly transaction from $50 to $5000 in which new investors invest and get profit from company shares and stocks.

Mutual funds are a great way to start as they give exposure to different investments, all in a single transaction.

Dreyfus, T. Rowe Price, and Transamerica are the best mutual fund companies where you can invest without a doubt.

5: Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself does not mean that you shop items for yourself or get yourself an expensive present. Its mean is that invest in your interest, increasing the income streams, or gaining a new skill. It is a long term way to invest when having no money in hand.

It is the digital era, and by investing a little, you can quickly learn a new skill, and by attaining a new skill and gaining some experience, you can sell your expertise in earning more money. No doubt it will need lots of time, effort and energy but it well worth it.

Remember the fact that time is money. It means is that if you invest your time wisely, surely you can gain money.

Most people invest money to gain money, so spending time is an excellent option to invest when having no money in hands in Covid-19.

Learn a skill from YouTube, gain experience, and start earning today by selling your skills on freelancing market places.

So, these were some options on how to invest money without even having no money in hand. Still, there are many other options available onboard like starting a real estate business, investing in collectibles, investment in gold products, investing in company retirement plans or starting an amazon business, etc.

Hopefully, these will help you choose a good option.

Ame Linda

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