Guide to Using Google Classroom for Students

Since the Corona Virus, global health pandemic has struck the world one can undoubtedly accept the fact and changes it has brought on educational institutions.

Considering the scenario of maintaining social distancing, governments ordered the closure of educational institutions to prevent its spread since educational institutions are hub of social interaction. This decision came without a second thought.

With closure of schools, colleges and universities the only probable solution seem to continue the educational activities was through online/virtual means.

This increased the demand of Google classroom in the past few months. But for many this demand has caused trouble since they aren’t equipped enough or aren’t aware to the usage of Google classroom.

But no need to worry as below you will be provided a thorough guide that will help you operate Google Classroom.

What is Google Classroom?

Google classroom gives an access or is way to share documents related to course between students and teachers.

Worked hard on your assignments? Gathered information and assistance through or other means? You sure don’t want to miss getting marks for your assignments. Right? This platform is a help for you if you are looking to manage or submit an assignment. It is also used for teachers to make urgent announcements for their students whether an announcement of deadline change or anything else. Good news is you wouldn’t miss it. Because Google classroom to the rescue, it will also help you strengthen your assignment by providing you access to your all course materials.

And one last and most amazing this platform is a way of interaction and discussion between students and teachers.

With all perks and benefits. Let’s get to know how to utilize and operate this amazing service.

How to Get Started With Google Classroom?

Signing In/Up:

To avail any services or using any social media account. What’s the foremost thing one does? Signing in or Signing up. Right?

Hence, same is the case with Google Classroom.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to, if it is the first time you are signing in the account, select your role as student.
  3. Click the + sign at the top right of the window.
  4. You will be asked to enter the class code your teacher must have shared. Type that code in the box.
  5. Enter join.

The Stream:

This side of Google classroom gives you access to assignments, announcements and discussion topics. If enabled by teacher you can easily get an access to this.

In the stream portion a student can view + sign at the bottom right. By clicking that you will be asked to create a post.

  1. Add the post or stuff relevant to your course and get a chance to discuss any stuff, confusions or information with your classmates by adding your comment to it.
  2. Remember your comments can always be seen by your teacher even after you have deleted those.
  3. You can also view various options by clicking on the create post like a clip of attachment file, icon of Google drive, YouTube video links and web links options.
  4. Click on any one option at a time.
  5. Enter press.

Students can also view if their teacher has posted any file, attached any document or access any link they shared.

Viewing Questions In the Stream:

A student can also view any question they have been assigned to by their teachers through stream.

There will be following options visible to the students in the stream:

  1. Completion of question
  2. Due Date
  3. Title and Description
  4. Student’s answers and a chance to access other discussion only after getting done with their answers.
  5. And a chance to add comment.

Turn In Assignments:

  1. This section can be viewed by students easily.
  2. Students can submit their assignments and work by clicking on turn in button. Through this the teacher will get opportunity to access and edit file.
  3. As soon as they press the turn in button a dialogue box will appear to confirm the submission.

Viewing Assignment Details:

Clicking on this page will benefit students to view various other options:

  1. They will find their assignments title page and description.
  2. They can attach their own file or other documents.
  3. They can add comments or other links and can make a private comment which only their teacher can have access to.

Viewing Un-Submitted Assignments:

Many times students find errors after submitting an assignment. Google Classroom gives you the benefit to un-submit your assignment.

  1. After pressing the turn in option, student can see un submit option, you can select it once you think you are done revising your assignments.

Google Calendar:

Worried about missing on your assignment? No need. Because this amazing app gives you access to one more element.

You can keep mark of your date and due dates in Google classroom.

Google Calendar is available in Google Classroom which helps students to view final date of submission.

You can also view your weekly class’s calendar here or can easily go to assignments detail page via this option.

Get it Right:

Isn’t it amazing how convenient our lives have become through this extremely helpful advanced app service which gives you various options and a platform to have intriguing and engaging discussion and interaction in the absence of traditional classroom set-ups? Hope this article would help you operate the amazing Google classroom feature.


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