Best Online HR Certifications to Accelerate Your HR career

Human resources offers a progressive and lucrative career path. With the multitude of HR job roles today than ever before, it is one of the fast-growing careers in the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in human resources is expected to grow at 7%, which is considered faster than average. What’s more, the median salary of a human resource manager is $116, 720. 

 Though human resources management requires a handful of skills, you don’t necessarily need a degree to work. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree at most, in any discipline. However, a degree in a related discipline is best. Alternatively, you can take an online hr certification program to equip yourself with the skills to excel in an HR career. 

Skills required for an HR professional 

 1. Strategic management – Like other business functions, human resources management has become more strategic, where professionals are expected to work more strategically to achieve business goals. 

 2. Communication and interpersonal skills – Human resource professionals interact with employees and act as the bridge between employer and employee. This requires the professionals to speak clearly and convey ideas impeccably. Good communication skills are crucial to thriving in a career in human resources. 

 3. Empathy – Being empathetic helps HR professionals to relate to the problems of employees and help them accordingly. 

 4. Tech-savviness – Employers have come to increasingly rely on software applications to streamline their HR operations and make them more efficient. HRMS, ATS (Applicant Tracking System), calendars, are a few applications that are frequently used in the human resources department. 

 5. Employment laws – Every year the government around the world introduces or makes amendments to the law. HR professionals should know the laws and keep themselves updated. This is important from the compliance perspective, as any violation of the law can jeopardize the business and may have to bear hefty penalties. 

You can acquire these skills by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human resources management or by taking online HR certification programs. The following are a few industry’s leading HR certifications. 

Best online HR certifications 

 PHR ( Professional in Human Resources) 

 This certification is offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). PHR demonstrates your skills in employee and labor relations, learning and development, and business management. 

 SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) 

 This is a mid-level HR certification for HR professionals and demonstrates their skills in policy making aspect of human resources management. If you’re a seasoned HR professional, this certification will help you accelerate your career to move to the next level. This certification is offered by HRCI. 

 GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) 

 This is a senior-level certification for HR professionals who are looking to take a leadership role. This certification demonstrates your skills in managing multinational responsibilities of the HR department of an organization. GPHR will pave way for becoming a global HR leader. This certification is offered by HRCI, which is considered one of the best online HR certification programs in the industry. 

TMP (Talent Management Practitioner) 

 This certification is offered by the Talent Management Institute. This certification is meant for fresh graduates and entry-level graduates who want to break into talent management. As companies are increasingly realizing a lack of talent, talent management is becoming a priority for them. Consequently, the demand for talent management professionals is soaring.  

STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner) 

 This certification is offered by the Talent Management Institute and is meant for senior HR leaders. STMP demonstrates your skills as a talent leader at an organizational level and validates the key skills required for meeting the talent goals of an organization. 

GTML (Global Talent Management Practitioner) 

 GTML is a high-value credential meant for senior leaders in the HR industry. The certification validates the holder’s skills and expertise in building and managing talent globally. What’s more, the certification offers access to learning material from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


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