Now, what exactly is a smart home? This reasonably simple question has many different answers, depending on who you ask. To be precise, a “smart home” is a residence which is equipped with a number of appliances that help automate tasks which usually be performed by us. Some are built […]

Students can easily survive without having a car in college. Any big American city has just enough public transportation to help get by. Also, bike-sharing and car-sharing apps have been on the rise recently.  The situation is not the same for commuter students or those who study at colleges away […]

Every year, more and more people get acquainted with the opposite sex online. Most of them use the Internet to search for a loved one due to lack of time. That is why dating services do not lose their popularity in modern society. Search engine optimization of a dating site […]

Michael Flynn’s lawyer on Monday demanded in a court filing that the FBI thoroughly search its internal “Sentinel database” and turn over “every” document in which agents described their critical January 2017 White House interview with the former national security adviser, after it emerged last month that FBI officials had apparently manipulated the so-called “302” witness […]

At a rally on friendly turf in Kentucky Monday night, President Trump urged what he called an “angry majority” of voters to send a powerful “signal” to Democrats and the world by handing the GOP a big victory not only in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race there, but also in the pivotal upcoming statewide elections in Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Read Full […]

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