A ring with 12638 diamonds is now on Guinness book of world record

India has always been the land to produce an appealing beauty of diamonds. Ranging from the Kohinoor diamond to the “Marigold” diamond, it has always encapsulated the world by its beauty. Mr. Harshit Bansal from Renani Jewels, a jeweler from Meerut, India, has broken the world record for most diamonds set in a single ring. It has been officially acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records. The ring is an epitome of organic symmetry, classic design, and a perfect alignment of the diamonds. The ring is certified by the International Gemological Institute. It is one of the most prestigious laboratories for diamond jewelry certifications across the globe.

The ring is named Marigold- The Ring of Prosperity to signify the historic symbol of prosperity in the Indian culture. The ring comprises a whopping number of 12,638 diamonds. It breaks the record previously set by a ring constituting 7,801 stones of a Hyderabad based jeweler. It is named as the Divine-7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam. It is quite clear that the initial record was also set by an Indian jeweler. While the world looks forward to the market of engagement rings in London, there is now a new entrant in the diamond industry.

The uniqueness of the ring is that it consists of an eight layered marigold inspired design and no two petals are the same. Moreover, all the 38.08 Carat diamonds used are conflict free. They exhibit E-F color, and VVS clarity. It weighs a total of 5.8 ounces. The designer proclaims that the ring is comfortable enough to wear. The designer had ambitions to break the record since 2018, while pursuing his studies of jewellery design from Surat, India. The initial plan was to make the ring with 10,000 diamonds. However, as the process came into existence, the number of diamonds increased to 12,638. With Bansal’s hard work and innumerable design experiments, Renani Jewels finally came up with a complete ring design on 30th November, 2020.

The ring has become a sight for international customers from almost every country. The love for diamonds is perpetual and therefore, the ring is a heart throb for many customers out there. Go online to take a virtual look of the ring, because it is totally worth it.

With many eyes set upon the ring just as the case was with Kohinoor, the manufacturer has explicitly mentioned that there are no current plans to sell the ring. The ring is bestowed as a matter of pride for the manufacturer. If any plans to sell the ring arise in the future, then it will surely become a hot topic of the news. Jewellers Hatton Garden can note down the lessons from the intricate design of the ring. With every petal flaunting a unique design, there are several new designs the manufacturers can experiment. It is definitely a pleasure to the eyes and the beauty is breathtaking.

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