5 Best natural home remedies to soothe mild burns

Burns is such a painful state and quite common household injuries to receive. The mode of treatment is categorized based on the degree of wound and depends on how severe the burn is. There are four different degrees of burns of which the third and fourth degree is considered as, a medical emergency. Here are a few home remedies to treat the first and second-degree mild burns with natural remedies using the ingredients present in our kitchen shelves, cupboards, or in the kitchen garden. A few of such ingredients are listed below. Keep reading the post to know what those are!

Natural home remedies to soothe mild burns:

Mild burns can heal faster. It only takes a few days to heal it completely. But, the purpose of using the natural remedies is to reduce the pain, swelling, redness, and soreness happened near the wound site making it heal faster.

To help you out, here we have listed out a few home remedies to soothe mild burns. Keep reading the post!

1) Aloe Vera:

There is no wonder to know that people use aloe Vera for ranging benefits from healing the wound to the cosmetic purpose. Aloe Vera helps to reduce the swelling, redness, soreness, burning sensation, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and virus as well. Also, using aloe Vera plant helps to heal the wound faster. There are also studies which support that, the minor burns were healed nine days faster with the aloe Vera plant. All you need to do is cut the aloe plant and take the gel out and apply on the burn. Let the burn, soak in the gel to absorb the nutrients for a few hours! Yes! The aloe plant does wonders to the skin when applied externally and when consumed internally. So, cultivate the plant in your garden right away and inhale its goodness by now! Shop aloe Vera gel from any trusted online medicine site and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.

2) Honey:

Honey is one of the best natural home remedies to treat minor burns. The anti-inflammatory and the anti-bacterial property of honey help to heal minor burns very quickly. Just dip the cotton in a teaspoon of honey and spread it on the wound. Though it is not a proven remedy, we often use this as a traditional way to heal the mild burn as it also brings down the burning sensation.

3) Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is one of the powerful home remedies to reduce the swelling and redness of the burns. Yes! Coconut oil is packed with antifungal properties, which help to lessen the infection, swelling, burning sensation and redness over time when mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and applied. Well! Coconut oil is must to add to your kitchen shelves if you haven’t used it yet!

4) Compress and cool water:

There is no immediate treatment other than using cool water. Yes! Every individual uses cool water as the first aid to run the wound with it. Just use the cold water compress over the burn area for every 15 minutes. But, care should be taken not to use the ice-cold water as it can damage the tissues present near the wound area.

5) Raw potato:

Placing the raw potato slice on the affected area helps to reduce the swelling, inflammation, and scarring.

When to see the doctor:

If your wound is more than 3 inches in diameter, if the burn looks deeper damage or it is painful and smelly, then consult the doctor immediately. Your doctor will check the depth of the wound and may prescribe medicines or antiseptic creams to heal the burn quickly. Buy prescription medicines from the best online medicine store in India at the comfort of your home at discounted prices with free home delivery.

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