3 Most Widespread Car Brands Among Students in 2020

Students can easily survive without having a car in college.

Any big American city has just enough public transportation to help get by. Also, bike-sharing and car-sharing apps have been on the rise recently. 

The situation is not the same for commuter students or those who study at colleges away from major cities. Without a car, transportation can be a headache, and the flexibility of going anywhere becomes void.

As a result, the demand for having a personal vehicle is still high among students. After some digging, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular cars driven by college students in the USA.

What Determines a Good Student Car?

Basic cars with minimum features fall into the $10,000-20,000 range. We’re talking Smarts or used vehicles (which are also quite popular with students.) With a bulkier wallet, there’s the option of buying a midsize to a basic luxury car for $25,000.

Students barely buy cars for comfortability, more for viability — travel, basic features, and a cost that won’t drastically increase loans. 

Insurance costs also fall into the equation, especially if we’re looking at a 25k BMW. But it’s all about how the car is used. Are there frequent long trips? Does the driver waste all gas money by standing in traffic jams?

Student Spendings

Tuition can be hard on the wallet, especially if housing and meal plans are included. Plus, the cost of traveling, which is a frequent practice in college. This makes the decision for buying a car even harder, having to consider all the spendings and loans.

If you are a traveling student, you might want to save up time from writing college essays. Traveling with the weight of lengthy assignments can be stressful, but there’s always a quick essay writer willing to help.

Whether for traveling or city roaming, here are the most popular car brands amongst US students with some options for viable models.


One of the most popular cars for students is the Honda Fit. It comes brand new for a little over $16,000 and can be obtained used for more than half the price. The Fit is very flexible with add-on features and entertainment. Many compare it to the Toyota Yaris. 

Benefits include:

  • The Fit is a hatchback, which means plenty of space for arms and legs;
  • A great alternative to buying an SUV;
  • Seats can be customized with leather;
  • Built-in navigation makes it an excellent car for travel.

For used cars, it’s got to be the 2004 Honda Civic. 

Known for its toughness and reliability, a used Honda Civic can get an insurance quote for a college student of over $1300 per year. That’s a lot of money saved on insurance and gas.

Notable mentions are the Honda Accord and the Honda CR-V.


The Toyota Yaris comes with a similar MSRP tag to the Honda Fit – $15,635. But this subcompact baby does not only look like a beast but has flexible controls and a robust safety suite. 

Hatchback and sedan versions are available, with both 5-speed and automatic transmission.

While we’re at Toyotas, don’t skip over the Prius. This car has been a subject of memes for its, umm, modern look. It’s a miss for nerds, but otherwise, it is a great choice. 

You can boast about an electric engine which is safe for the environment, and complete silence when the Prius stalks under 30mph. That’s the reason why the police in many countries drive Prius nowadays.

The Corolla is the cheapest car on this list, ranging from 10k to 17k USD. It’s practically made for students, with fantastic performance and reliability. Here are some features:

  • Foldable car seats;
  • Solid IIHS crash ratings;
  • Gained the number IIHS 1 safety pick in 2012-2014;

All these make the Corolla a go-to car for students.

Let’s also not forget the Camry, with its mean look and customizable colors.


Chevrolet is the third most popular carmaker in America. Models like the Sonic are just too easy to fall in love with. It’s a reliable hatchback with several trim options and reliable safety features, looking like it’s straight out of Need for Speed’s Most Wanted. 

With a ten airbag safety feature and a Driver Confidence Package, it’s an eye candy with max comfort.

Another awesome sedan is the Chevrolet Spark. It’s a two-door car for the city, made to be maneuverable and perfect for your Walmart trips. An odd feature is that it has several ways you could connect your smartphone to the car. This means blasting hype music in this 13-17k USD baby will not be a problem.

Final Words 

High-end transportation is not a necessity in college. Although having a basic 15k private vehicle certainly helps, city students will do good with the Chevrolet Spark or the Toyota Prius. Those who attend suburban colleges might have to invest in a bulkier car for traveling.


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