10 Ways to Cut Your Textbooks Cost

This can be said without a doubt that technological advancement has transformed lives in different ways, connected people around the globe, introduced wide ranges opportunities and has made things easily accessible to people.

However, one can’t deny its tremendous impacts in educational institutions. Whether you want to access various topics for your research or need to submit an assignment to your course’ instructor, the good news is; you are just a click away from all of these things. That’s how feasible our lives have become.

On the other hand, there are large portion of students and institutions which still prefers hardcopy, textbooks. With increasing technological advancement, there have been observed a significant rise in the costs of textbooks.

Shedding light on this, below we discuss the average textbooks costs, the reason behind rise in costs of college textbooks and the cheapest ways to get access to these college textbooks.

Average Textbooks Costs:

With respect to the other expenses in college, the purchase of textbooks makes it difficult for some students to manage their budgets.

The average cost of textbooks is found to be around $1,298 and the percentage increase since 1977 has been observed 1,041. This increase has become one of the reason that approximately 65% of students chose to skip buying books.

Reason behind the Increase in Costs of Textbooks:

The cost of textbooks varies from subject to subject. It has been observed that the cost of arts and humanities textbooks is far cheaper than the costs of STEM subjects.

Many reasons have been observed behind these high prices:

  1. One major reason that has observed is, the classic literature books often found in the same prices because of their constant content. However the publishers of books of STEM subjects has to come up with new editions frequently to keep students up to date.
  2. Many textbooks possess highly specialized content which are not easily accessible in other books. Hence this exceptional content has become another major reason of inflating prices.
  3. One key element in increasing prices is the copywriter fees publishers has to pay to authors.

Cheapest Ways to Access College Textbooks:

There are various ways to access college textbooks, or assignment help services through electronic means, through rent or maybe purchase it while it’s on sale.

~ Further we are going to discuss in detail the 10 ways to cut down textbooks costs:

  1. Digital Textbooks:

There are multiple sites like Open Library, Many books which rent course books for free. These sites contain a wide range of course books of different authors and make them easily accessible to students who cannot afford to purchase them in hardcopy form.

  • Purchasing Used-Books:

While you wait for an early year sale at your campus to purchase a textbook, or get assistance via cheap essay help, buying used ones at the same price or even lower can prove to be an amazing alternative for financially challenged students.


    For a publisher to gain profit and make their books available on different stores they either have to contact retailers or different markets and set prices while offering them their books, on the other side different universities partner up with these companies which in order provide these books on discount to their students.

With the increasing prices of textbooks, educational institutions, textbooks publishers are constantly working to invent solutions to ease the burden on students. For this purpose many educational institutions have introduced an innovative model of inclusion. Through this model the institutions tries to manage textbooks costs within the tuition fees or semesters charges.

This system gives students accessibility to various digital text-books for free.


Not to confuse, there is a significant difference between sales discount and bookseller discount. In bookseller discount the books are available on cut down prices to the partner institutions, whereas in sales discount accessible to everyone for a certain amount of time.

Purchasing books on sale discount can be a very manageable way for a student.


This is quite a fact, that a new semester offers a new course and this is again where students starts to worry about their textbooks budget. To manage this uncertain situation a lot of students buy new textbooks in exchange of old textbooks or previous course guides.

This way they buy their desired course material by paying a certain amount of costs.


Some institutions even offer textbooks scholarships for students as long as they are making a purchase from campus bookstore. The scholarship grants are made accessible through completion of required process where a student’s application for the grant is keenly observed.


    While if all these option doesn’t work for a student, one convenient way can be making a purchase of courses hand-outs. Well, you might not get access to variety of information as they contain a concise version of the topics.

Universities, publishers or government all of them have been working hard to introduce innovative solutions or policies for pulling off pressure of buying costly textbooks.
Students however, have to make an effort to in order to manage their budgets.
A lot of times the mismanagement of budget on the behalf of students makes it hard to manage their other expenses. Cut down of other expenses or manage their priorities can be helpful for students.

No one can produce effective results until they are well informed about their respective subjects and this is only possible through in depth research and reading. Hence, the burden of high textbooks costs shouldn’t be reason to hold students and pull them into challenging situations.


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