10 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea That You May Not Know About

The advancements in the world have made human lazy, automatically dependent on the machines. People are not being healthy and active enough for their tasks. This has resulted in the tremendous growth of the products which can help the human to stay fit and active at home.

-In the search for healthy products, green tea is considered to be the best and healthiest beverage over the entire planet.

Green tea is not only the healthiest beverage, it is also declared as the anti-aging beverage which is loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients. Both of them play a vital role for the mind and body of the human being.

-Green tea was originated in China and it has been using as a medicine for thousands of years. Now it is widely used around the whole globe for health purposes.

The preparation of green tea is done without the fermentation process and this helps green tea to retain a massive amount of antioxidants. These substances make the green tea the healthiest beverage in the world. Below is a guide that will inform you about the importance of green tea.

  • When to drink green tea:

People have low energy levels in the morning and right after having a meal. Green tea can be consumed after 20 minutes of breakfast. It can also be taken between two meals or early at night.

  • How to make green tea:

The process of making green tea is very easy nowadays. There are several companies, who have launched green tea in different flavors. All you have to do is to perform some steps;

  1. Bring the water to boil. Let it cool for 1 minute.
  2. Place 1 teabag of your choice in the teabag.
  3. Now steep the tea for 2-3 minutes. If you want a light flavor then leave the tea to brew for 2 minutes.
  4. For a strong taste, brew the tea for exactly 3 minutes and some seconds.
  5. Take the sip of the green tea after removing the bag.
  6. Calories of green tea:

1 cup of green tea consists of 2.5 calories. How much lesser than other beverages!

Benefits of drinking green tea:

People who have an addiction to intaking a copious amount of green tea know the benefits which it possesses Assignment Help UAE penned; the benefits of drinking green tea include better functionality of the brain, loss of fat, low risk of cancer, and heart diseases.

The following are the 10 health benefits of drinking green tea that you may not know about. After reading this article, you would surely include a cup of green tea in your day.

Helps in weight loss:

Green tea is also beneficial for weight loss. It helps to reduce 70-100 calories per day. Green tea helps the metabolism of the body to be efficient and its antioxidants help to lose the fat. It boosts the rate of metabolic activity in a very short time. According to a study, green tea is very effective for abdominal fat.

Prevent diabetes:

Another advantage of having green tea is that it helps to improve insulin sensitivity. This helps to reduce blood sugar levels. A study also revealed that the people who have green tea have an 18% lower risk of diabetes.

A barrier for heart diseases:

Green tea works amazingly for the lining of the blood vessels of the heart, helping them to stay relaxed. This helps the body to fight against clots formation. In this way, the risks of heart attack also reduce.

Improves brain functionality:

Apart from keeping active, green tea helps to boost brain functionality. It works wonders to keep the person in a happy mood along with activeness. The small amounts of caffeine and L-theanine have a powerful effect on brain functionality.

Prevents depression:

The L-theanine in the green tea is the amino acid that is present is the tea leaves. It is a tried, tested and proven fact, green tea helps in preventing the depression. It gives a relaxing and calming effect to its drinkers.

Prevent bad breath and tooth decay:

Another advantage of having green tea is that it protects the mouth from the bad breath or mouth odor. Studies have proven that the catechin in green tea is best to destroy the bacteria which can cause bad odor in the mouth and infections in the throats.

Helps to burn fat:

Green tea is considered as a highly reactive beverage on the fat. It is the fastest fat burning supplement used around the world. It happens because of the metabolic rate which is boosted by the green tea.

Green tea for skin and aging signs:

As discussed earlier, it is an anti-aging beverage and can help in preventing the brain and skin, both from aging, and boost your mind to write the CV effectively. The topically applied green tea reacts as a barrier for the skin from sun damage. Having green tea regularly helps to achieve glowing and wrinkle-less skin.

Contains healthy bioactive compounds:

The substances which can reduce the chances of cancer are also found in green tea. It is a beverage that is rich in healthy bioactive compounds. EGCG is also present in green tea which is the most powerful compound to treat several diseases.

Control cholesterol and high blood pressure:

To protect against cholesterol and high blood pressure, green tea leads the rest. It improves the good cholesterol in the blood and takes control of bad cholesterol. People who have green tea daily are likely to have lesser chances of high blood pressure.

  • Flavors of green tea:

Green tea is now available in various flavors. You can choose any of the flavors which suit your taste buds. People used to prefer the following 4 flavors widely.

  • Green tea with mint (highly reactive on the bad breath)
  • Green tea with ginger (considered efficient for the cough and flu)
  • Green tea with lemon (works amazingly for the fat burn)
  • Green tea with honey (an all-rounder for everyone with amazing taste and benefits)

Green tea has a wide range of amazing benefits for human health. This guide will encourage your decision of making green tea your regular partner to maintain a healthy body. Make sure to know your body type and do not have more than one cup of green tea if you are allergic to caffeine!


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